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About us …

St. Mary’s Boys’ National School is a Catholic Primary School but it is also open to boys of other denominations.

The promotion of Christian values permeates all the activities of the school and all efforts are made to match the curriculum to the abilities and interests of the boys. Care and attention are given to the spiritual, moral, intellectual, social and emotional development of each boy in the school.

Our school opens at 9.20a.m. and finishes at 3.00p.m. Junior and Senior Infants finish at 2.00p.m. Our uniform consists of a grey shirt, grey pants and green jumper and tie. For P.E. a green tracksuit is worn.


Principal: Mr. James Robinson

Deputy Principal: Mrs. Bríd Powell

Teachers:  Mrs. Brid Powell, Miss Corinna Quillinan, Miss Aoife Aylward, Miss Noreen Tuothy, Mr. Tom Fitzgerald, Mr. Jamie Nagle, Mr. Aidan Rhynne

Learning Support Teacher: 

Ancillary Staff

Secretary: Ms. Jackie Walsh

Special Needs Assistant: Mrs. Gina Wicks

Caretaker: Mr. Dave Hearne

Board of Management

Chairperson: Mrs. Carmel Wemyss

Patron’s Nominee: Fr. Jim Crotty

Parents Representatives: Mrs. Elaine Brophy, Mr. Barry Searson

Community Representative: Mr. Bryan O’Kane, Mrs. Rosemary Heffernan

Teachers: Mr. Gerard Duggan, Ms. Noreen Tuohy


The original school building was just to the north of the present school site; it stood on the lands of the Barron-Newell family of Belmont . This school was probably endowed by the Barron-Newell family. A new National School opened its doors in 1897.

The Principal Teacher was William Foley. He was succeeded by his son Daniel Foley (c. 1920). Daniel Foley died in 1938. Richard Lyng, a native of The Rower, Co. Kilkenny, served as Principal Teacher 1938 – 1968.

A new school premises opened in 1959 across the road from the 1897 building which having been refurbished and extended now serves as the Parish Community Centre. The present school building was extended in 1975.

Frank Heylin, a noted local historian of Waterford had worked at the school since 1928 and he served as Principal Teacher 1968 until 1971. Richard Hayden was Principal Teacher 1971 – 1998.

The present Principal Teacher is Gerard Duggan.