Charity Tax Refund Scheme

The Church as a designated eligible charity under Section 45 of the Finance Act 2001 can reclaim a percentage of your donation.  To qualify annual contributions to our weekly and clergy envelopes or via Standing Order must be €250 or over.

The tax refund for donations from all donors regardless of their tax status  (PAYE or Self-assessed) will now go to the charity in all cases at a blended rate of 31%. 

Example: A donation of €250 will be grossed up at 31% as follows: €250*100/69 = €362.32 so the tax refund will be €362.32-€250 = €112.32.  On this basis the tax refund on a donation of €500 will be €224.64 and on €1,000 it will be €449.27.

At the end of the financial year, if you have contributed €250 or over, the Parish Office will send a statement to you.  Each form requires that the donor fills in their PPS number and signs the declaration form which the charity must retain for audit purposes, subject to data protection rules on security.  The new CHY3 “enduring” form will  cover qualifying donations over a five year period. This form gives the charity permission to claim a tax refund on the donation/donations of €250 or more during the period covered by the form.

You simply sign the statement, insert your PPS Number and return to the Parish Office in the stamp addressed envelope provided.  Any benefit will be returned from the Revenue Commissioners to the Charity i.e. the Parish.  This is worth €10,000 approximately per annum to the Parish and is a most welcome boost to parish finances.

We wish to thank all donors for their contribution and co-operation.

You are under no obligation to participate in this Scheme.